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Wetting Agents

KISSAN-80 (Wetting Agent), There are a few unique kinds of components referred to as surfactants, which would dilute the more water. If it's added to the spray, then it increases the dispersion properties, dissolving, and pasting capability oftentimes. Due to which the water utilized in spraying spreads extra and makes the floor of the leaf parallel to the deepest stage. It spreads as opposed to slipping far from the leaf and increases the effect of pressure.

1. This KISSAN-80 wetting agent (Surfactant) increases the best of the vegetation in organic farming.

2. This KISSAN-80 wetting agent (Surfactant) increases the productiveness of the vegetation in organic farming.

3. This KISSAN-80 wetting agent (Surfactant) decreases the overall cost of the crop in organic farming.

4. This KISSAN-80 wetting agent (Surfactant)will increase the profitability of the farmer in organic farming.

Method of Use (For Pesticides, Fungicides, Liquid Fertilizers): Spray 5 milliliter 1/4 a part of the lid in keeping with spray inside the prepared (16 liters) solution in a hand pump
For riverine insecticides, Spray in an organized (16 liters) solution in 20 ml liter and 1 lid in line with the spray hand pump.
For irrigation, 100 ml / 8 lids combined with 80 liters of water need to be used consistent with acre
Packing Available of KISSAN-80 (Wetting Agent): 1000 ml / 500 ml. / 250 ml / 100 ml.

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