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Magic Drop

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Magic Drop

Wetting Agents

Magic Drop Silicon-based is a super product that is useful for the higher use of all sorts of pesticides. This wetting agent dilutes the water droplets in this type of way that the water droplets attain the pesticides on the opposite side of the leaves, which offers very good results. This wetting agent increases spraying efficiency and dispersion.

1.  This wetting agent (Surfactant) will increase the great of the vegetation in organic farming.

2.  This wetting agent (Surfactant) will increase the productivity of the plants in organic farming.

3.  This wetting agent (Surfactant) decreases the cost of crops in organic farming.

4.  This wetting agent (Surfactant) increases the profit of the farmer in organic farming.

Quantity: 2 drops/drops according to a liter of water.
Quantity of Use: 30-50 ml. consistent with acre.
Packing Available(Magic Drop): 500 ml / 250 ml / 100 ml. 150 ml / 20 ml.

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