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Fast Flower POTASH

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Fast Flower POTASH

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Fast Flower POTASH is one of the pinnacle biofertilizers for crops and plants. This biofertilizer performs a crucial role in the manufacturing of flora in organic farming. Potassium derived from potash molasses is a potassium-containing biofertilizer derived from molasses that we offer at a greater within your budget fee as an opportunity to present potash biofertilizers. This biofertilizer performs a main role in the vegetative increase level of plant life in addition to in the manufacturing section. These nutrients are appropriate for all styles of crops. Naturally available potash (14.5%) and nearly all predominant and micronutrients are available.

1.  In addition to growing soil fertility, it maintains moisture within the soil for an extended time frame.

2.  Its use stops the fall of end result and plants.

3.  Fast Flower POTASH provides proteins, enzymes, hormones, and carbohydrates required for the plant.

How to Use (Fast Flower Potash) : Fast Flower Potash may be performed at all degrees of the crops. This biofertilizer can be used on my own or in aggregate with other inorganic fertilizers. Use at least 30-50 kg of potash according to acre or spread it in the field consistent with the crop
Crops: In all sorts of vegetation like wheat, paddy, sugarcane, pulses, vegetables, and medicinal plant life, etc.
Packing Available
(Fast Flower Potash) (Granular): 25 kg, 50 kg.

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