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Kissan Veer PROM

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Kissan Veer PROM

Organic Fertilizers

PROM stands for Phosphate Rich Organic Manure. Kissan Veer PROM is one of the best organic fertilizers/manure for crops and plants. It plays an important function within the balanced nutrients of crops in organic farming. PROM has organic residues, studies merchandise organized by way of rock phosphate, and organic matter. It improves the bodily, chemical shape of the soil and makes the critical nutrients absorbable.

1- This organic fertilizer/manure maintains soil PH

2- This organic fertilizer/manure offers the ability to fight sicknesses at the same time as making plants tasty and nutritious

3- This organic fertilizer/manure provides healthy crop

4- This organic fertilizer/manure has the precise price than DAP

5- This organic fertilizer/manure has robust roots inside the vegetation

6- This organic fertilizer/manure offers an amazing immune system to crops

7- This organic fertilizer/manure has not a hazard to people, animals, or even the environment. It is a blessing for people, animals, and the surroundings

How to Use Kissan Veer Fertilizer: Use 50-100 kg per acre in keeping with the soil in all vegetation.
Storage: Kissan Veer PROM needs to be stored simplest in dry and cold places. Lack of weight and best may be visible due to loss of proper garage.
Packing available: 50 kg.

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