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Active Plus Liquid

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Active Plus Liquid

Bio Fertilizers

Active Plus (Liquid) is one of the fine biofertilizer/manure in India. This biofertilizer plays an essential function in supplying photosynthesis to plant life in organic farming. It is a notable phosphate solubilizing fungal which contains herbal state of potassium, folvic acid, humic acid, enzymes, nutrients jibralins, which generate a special kind of power inside the plants so that the plant can get enough power through photosynthesis. This makes the crop healthful.

1. This biofertilizer increases the quality of the vegetation.

2. This biofertilizer affords vital nutrients to plants.

3. This biofertilizer increases the productivity of the crops.

4. This biofertilizer makes vegetation wholesome.

5. This biofertilizer increases the profitability of the farmer.

Packing Available (Active Plus Liquid ) : 1000ml / 250ml / 100ml.

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