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Super Bloom Flower

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Super Bloom Flower

Bio Fertilizers

Super Bloom Flower Anzospirillum is one of the top Biofertilizer for crops and plant life. It plays an essential function in balancing plant nutrition in organic farming.

1. Super Bloom Flower Azospirillum (bio-fertilizer) is a unique kind of bacterial fertilizer that allows stabilize nitrogen available inside the surroundings in the soil. These acquire nitrogen from the surroundings and offer it to the plants in a soluble state, thereby offering the main element of nitrogen to the vegetation constantly.

2. This biofertilizer also can be used for seed remedy.

How to Use (Super Bloom Flower Anzospirillum) Fertilizer : Soil treatment: Mix (2-4 kg / 250-500 ml) Super Bloom Flower biofertilizer with Kissan Veer organic manure and keep it below colour for a while. Use it in keeping with acre before sowing or in a standing crop.
Seed treatment: Prepare the solution through mixing 100-200 grams of jaggery in 2 liters of water. Add (250 g / 100 ml) Super Bloom Flower liquid with this solution. This solution should be 10-12 kg. Mix seeds well and dry them in colour and sow them.
Sprinkler: Spraying of Super Bloom Flower (200-500 ml) organic fertilizer/manure consistent with acre before flowering to the crop.
Crops: Packing is available in all forms of vegetation like wheat, paddy, sugarcane, pulses, veggies, vegetation, and medicinal plants, and so on.
Packing Available (Super Bloom Flower Anzospirillum) (Granulated / Powder): 4 kg / 2 kg

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