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Sun Hummer

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Sun Hummer

Bio Fertilizers

Sun Hummer (Azotobacter) is one of the high-quality biofertilizers/manure for crops and flowers. Sun Hummer Azotobacter bacterial manure is a combination of highly microbial micro-organism, which after germination doubles the bacteria and makes them be had to the plant by way of converting atmospheric nitrogen to nitrate whilst closing on the surface of plant roots.

1) This biofertilizer can be used for seed treatment or soil remedy.

2)  This biofertilizer is bacterial manure that provides nutrients to plant life in organic farming.

How to Use  Sun Hummer Azotobacter Fertilizer: Soil treatment: Sun Hummer Bio Fertilizer (2-4 kg / 250-500 ml) mixed with Inderdhanush Organic Manure and maintain it below shade for some time. Use it consistent with acre before sowing or in a standing crop.

Seed remedy: Prepare the solution by mixing 100-200 grams of jaggery in 2 liters of water. This solution contains 250 g / 100 ml. Add the Grotop liquid. This solution should be 10-12 kg. Mix seeds well and dry them in shade and sow them.
Sprinkler: 200-500m Lee Sprinkle the Grotop organic manure per acre before flowering.
Crops: In all types of crops like wheat, paddy, sugarcane, pulses, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants, etc.
Packing Available (Granulated): Powder: 4 kg / 2 kg / 1 kg.
Liquid: 1000ml / 500ml Li / 250 ml / 100 ml.

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