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N.P.K. Shakti

Bio Fertilizers

NPK Shakti is one of the pleasant biofertilizers for vegetation and plant life. It plays an essential function inside the balanced vitamins of plants in organic farming. This biofertilizer enables vegetation to develop healthily and will increase the quality of the plant

1)  NPK Shakti is a bio fertilizer that stabilizes nitrogen present inside the surroundings and makes it suitable for piths and solutes the phosphorus and potash available inside the soil and gives it to the plant life.

2)  This Bio Fertilizer is also a composting tradition with micro-organism.

How to Use NPK Shakti Fertilizer: Soil treatment: Shakti Bio Fertilizer (2-4 kg / 250-500 ml) combined with inderdhanush organic manure. Hold it beneath shade for some time. Use it in line with acre earlier than sowing or in a standing crop.
Seed remedy: Prepare the solution with the aid of mixing 100-200 grams of jaggery in 2 liters of water. Add (250 g / 100 ml) Shakti liquid to this solution. This solution has to be 10-12 kg. Mix seeds properly and dry them in color. After this, Sow them.
Sprinkler: Sprinkle 200-500 ml NPK Shakti bio-fertilizer in step with acre earlier than flowering.
Crops: In all types of plants like wheat, paddy, sugarcane, pulses, greens, flowers, and medicinal vegetation, and so on.
NPK Shakti Packing Available (Granulated / Powder): 4 kg / 2 kg
Packing Available NPK Shakti (Liquid): 1000ml / 500ml Li / 250 ml

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