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Neem Vati

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Neem Vati

Bio Pesticides

Neem Vati is one of the fine biopesticides for organic farming or gardening. It is a safe biopesticide for plants, domestic vegetation, or crops. This biopesticide is a neem-primarily based pesticide that stops cotton and paddy pests.

1. This neem-based biopesticide increases the capability of the flora to fight illnesses in organic farming.

2. This neem-based biopesticide provides critical nutrients to crops in organic farming.

3. This neem-based biopesticide will increase the productiveness of the vegetation in organic farming.

4. This neem-based biopesticide makes crops healthy in organic farming.

5. This neem-based biopesticide increases the profitability of the farmer in organic farming.

How to Use Neem Vati : Use 500 ml - 1 liter for cotton crop or 600-1000 ml for paddy crop. Mix the Believe well in 200-400 liters of water and spray uniformly at the vegetation per one acre.
Availability (Neem Vati) : Four types of Believe are available:
Neem Vati: 300ppm Believe 1500ppm Believe 3000ppm Believe 10000ppm
Packing Available (Neem Vati): 5000ml / 1000ml / 500ml / 250ml.

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