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Kissan Veer Gypsum

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Kissan Veer Gypsum

Soil Recharger

Kissan Veer Gypsum is one of the exceptional biofertilizers/soil rechargers for plants and flora. It gives crucial nutrients to flora and increases soil fertility in organic farming. Kissan Veer Gypsum, additionally known as calcium sulfate (CaSO4, 2H2O). It incorporates the main nutrients calcium and sulfur in masses.

1)  Kissan Veer Gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger) reduces Bulk Density.

 2)  Kissan Veer Gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger) keeps the soil PH.

3)  Kissan Veer Gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger) eliminates floor salinity.

4)  Kissan Veer Gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger) softens the soil and equals fertile soil.

5)  By including Kissan Veer gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger), the color of the ground is removed.

6)  Adding Kissan Veer gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger) also softens the hard floor.

7)  Kissan Veer Gypsum (biofertilizer/soil recharger) is used for all kinds of plants.

How to Use Kissan Veer Gypsum Fertilizer : Use of granular gypsum in all vegetation from 150 kg to 300 kg according to the acre
Powder ( Kissan Veer Gypsum ) : Use 300 to 500 kg consistent with acre

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