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DX Fungi Combo Kit

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DX Fungi Combo Kit

Bio Pesticides

Dx Fungi Combo Kit is one of the top permitted biopesticides for organic farming. Dx Fungi Combo Kit is a Pseudomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma bacterium. Dx is based on pest tempus technology. This biopesticide is a safe biopesticide for plants, vegetation, or domestic plants.

1. This biopesticide will increase the capacity of vegetation to fight illnesses in organic farming.

2. This biopesticide affords essential nutrients to crops in organic farming.

3. This biopesticide will increase the productivity of the vegetation in organic farming.

4. This biopesticide makes vegetation healthy in organic farming.

5. This biopesticide will increase the profitability of the farmer in organic farming.

This biopesticide is beneficial for the prevention of congenital sicknesses of seeds and soil inclusive of leaf bulb damping of tomatoes, softening, wilt in pomegranate, red rot in sugarcane, seeding rat in black gram. This biopesticide produces hydrogen cyanide and antibiotics which include picayanin phanijn and so forth which might be used to save your plant disease from growing. It protects flora from sicknesses because of a fungus, the bacterium Pathogen. It produces materials useful for the growth of flora. With which the piths grow well. It is one of the exceptional pesticides for each crop.

Spalling of the flag and sickness of the flag : Push-1121 and Muthal 1401, P131 flag ailment are generated from those varietals. So, it's far necessary to deal with seed with Combo Dx.

Packing Available (Dx Fungi Combo Kit): 200g / 500g

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