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Sulphur Shakti

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Sulphur Shakti

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Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer (Sulphur 90%) is a high nutrient utilized by crops, which is very useful for plant growth and development. Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer (Sulphur 90%) is beneficial for potatoes, wheat, all sorts of veggies and results. The use of this biofertilizer reduces sulphur deficiency within the floor and increases the yield. There is a special synergy between nitrogen and sulfur. Due to a lack of Sulphur, Pithe isn't able to soak up nitrogen nicely.

1. This Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer will increase the fine of the plants.

2. This Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer gives important nutrients to plants.

3. This Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer increases the productivity of the vegetation.

4. This Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer makes plants healthy.

5. This Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer will increase the profitability of the farmer

Symptoms of Sulphur deficiency : Due to deficiency of sulphur, the colouration of the leaves turns yellow and the boom of piths stops.
Crops: For all plants or crops.
Quantity: 3 kg in keeping with an acre (Granular), 5 kg in step with an acre (Powder)
Packing of Sulphur Shakti bioertilizer: 1 kg / 5 kg powder, 3 kg / 15 kg Granulated (bucket).

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