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Kissan Veer Vermi Compost

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Kissan Veer Vermi Compost

Organic Fertilizers

Kissan Veer Vermi Compost is an organic fertilizer/manure which does not incorporate any synthetic chemical substances. It is an Earthworm's Organic Fertilizer that increases the immune system of crops. It additionally increases the yielding ability. Due to this, the crop produces exceptional results.

1) Kissan Veer Vermi Compost is easy to store and use. (Store it in shady regions in which direct sunlight not coming).

2) Kissan Veer Vermi Compost is the high-quality fertilizer for a kitchen garden, terrace garden, and pot/field vegetation.

3) Soil moisture garage potential increases and increases the wide variety of useful microorganisms.

4) All minor and most important elements concerned wherein plant required are to be had in this fertilizer.

How To Use:

Wheat, Paddy, Cotton

100-150 kg / acre

Potato, Sugarcane, Peanuts, Tea, Coffee

150-200 kg / acre

Mustard, Rapeseed, Surajmukhi, Cumin, Fenugreek, Isabgol, Soybean, Maize

100-150 kg / acre

Fruit trees (Less Age)

2-4 kg Per plant

Fruitful trees (fruit bearing), apple, kinnu, malta, guava, lemon, banana

6-8 kg Per plant

Gourd, tinda, bitter gourd, melon, cucumber and all vegetables

600–1000 grams per plant

Flowering plants and pots

200–400 grams per plant

Packing Available: 50 kg

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